• Overv̲iew of Meta̲mask Wallet

    Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll be able to access your new MetaMask wallet. There are two main components you’ll need to familiarize yourself with so that you can begin using the software:

    Identifying your public address: This is the address you can freely share with people or platforms like exchanges in order to receive cryptocurrency into your wallet. Think of it as your home address that you share with people to receive inbound mail. It’s always advisable, however, to check to make sure any inbound tokens are compatible with MetaMask first before receiving them, otherwise, they might be lost forever.

    How to fund/buy and send: These are the core functions of MetaMask


    UnknownMetaMask interface


    You can locate your unique MetaMask public address by clicking the “Account 1″ button (black arrow). To save you manually typing it when you need to use it, you can click the layered square icon beneath it to automatically copy it.

    Finally, in order to begin interacting with any Ethereum platform, you’ll first need to fund your MetaMask wallet with an amount of ether – the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum. All actions on the blockchain cost a fee, whether that’s moving tokens from A to B or creating an NFT collection. This fee, known as a “gas” fee, is denominated in ether.


    What Are Ethereum Gas Fees?


    How much you choose to fund your wallet depends on how much you intend to interact with various platforms. For moderate use, $100 worth of ether is usually a good starting point to cover any initial fees.

    Clicking the “buy” button (red arrow) will bring you to a window where you can purchase ether using Wyre or CoinSwitch. These options will allow you to purchase ether using a debit card or by exchanging it for other crypto tokens you hold.

    Once you’ve purchased an amount of ether, you can now send crypto assets from your MetaMask to other wallets by inputting the recipient’s public address in the box provided and specifying the amount, including the gas fee. You can also visit the “Swap” feature – which allows you to trade ether for a wide range of other Ethereum-based tokens in-app – or begin using external services like NFT marketplaces or DeFi platforms.

    With most platforms, you’ll see a “connect” button in the top right corner of the screen. After clicking it, you’ll have the option to connect your MetaMask wallet. You may need to sign a transaction in order to complete the connection process. This doesn’t cost you anything, it simply proves you have control over the wallet.